Exchange your skill for money

Get paid for your skill, talent, passion, experience or unfair advantage

Whatever unfair advantage you’ve got, no matter what it is, there is someone out there ready to pay for it. Learn how to identify that person and sell to him/her

CEO, Benchmark Digital
About the host
Enoch Young

Enoch Young is the Founder and CEO of Benchmark Digital, a business he founded out of passion for Website Design and Digital Marketing.

What started as a hobby has grown to a full time enterprise and has expanded into Business Development, Business Branding and Mobile App Development and has since grown to carter for Digital needs of Start-ups, Small and Medium Businesses.

Enoch Young works with the best set team who are behind Benchmark Digital’s Success Story

What You Will Learn

This webinar is bespoken made for you and will teach you how to: 

Identify your most profitable skill

You will discover how to identify your skill, talent or passion that will pay you the most

Packaging your skill

How you will present your unfair advantage depends on the audience you are interested in   

Identify the best market

You will also learn how to identify the best market for your skill and where you can meet them

Sell To Your Target Market

With the identification of your target market comes a need to also market to them rightly

Make them beg for skill

You can make your target audience literally beg for your product without compromising on the standard

How to stand out in the market

You can stand out from your competitors no matter how powerful they are. This is also what you will be learning