Making your business known is a vital part of attracting new customers, no matter the size or industry in which your business operates. Conventionally, there are two methods for achieving this, either by direct advertising or by word of mouth. But with the availability of the Internet, newer and more productive portals have been opened to advertise what you do. By improving your online presence, you can reach millions of possible customers around the world, easily outstretching the reach of most traditional advertising mediums and extending word-of-mouth possibilities exponentially.

An online presence is important for outbound marketing because it reinforces your brand and what you offer to your target market. Once you’ve communicated with your audience, you’ll need to have a web presence that helps portray why your product or service is so great – because that’s the next stop for the majority of your potential customers.

At Benchmark we achieve this in many ways just to grasp your potential customers wherever they are coming from;

Create your official business website

A website gives an official outlook to a business. All businesses, no matter how small, should have a website. Website creation range from the extremely basic to more complex ones but all have one thing in common, they contain fundamental information customers – both existing and potential – need. Imagine how good it is to search up for restaurants in a location and see one that have a website from where you can know their menu, opening and closing hours, exact location and other basic information. That is going to save you a lot of stress. As basic as this information are, many restaurants and indeed, small businesses don’t have it and they keep on losing potential customers over something that’s so easy to remedy and costs very little.

In creating websites for businesses, we have come up with very flexible plans to accommodate businesses of any cadre. Our plans includes Silver Plan, Golden Plan and Diamond Plan. We also have an option to help you customize your plan as you want. Get started!

Enlist your business in Search Engines

Google business listing offers your business the opportunity to be seen in Google search and in Google map. With this tool, your business appears when people are searching for it or businesses like yours. Google Business listing makes it easy to create and update your listing—so you can stand out, and bring customers in.

As part of incentives for designing your website, we enlist your business free on google and you get your business code between two to four weeks of enlisting. With this code activated, anytime a customer looking for your business, let’s say you are into fashion designing, searches for a fashion designer in an area, your business pops up among others and the customer can be directed to your website for further details or can use the google map to get to your office. Get started!

Social Media Booster

This seems to be the most common means of promoting businesses and products online but it is grossly under utilized. Business promotion has gained more grounds with many social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Businesses promoted through this medium  usually target arbitrary customers, but with our well taught out plan, we can streamline your business to your potential customers. We create and manage your social media account.

Again, as part of appreciating our customers, we will manage this account for free for business websites developed by BenchMark. Get started!

Advertise your business

With your website created, your business listed on Google business listing and your social media platform set up, your business is now online for people to see. But how many people know about your website, what you do, how many people even care about checking you up?

With these problem, comes the need to advertise your business. You can advertise on many social media platforms, top websites like lindaikejiblog, vanguard newspaper etc. This advert brings your business to your potential customer and can even collect a database of people who indicated interest in your business without purchasing it for further persuasion.

In Benchmark, we host your advert by giving it a professional touch and selling it to the right audience to give you better value for your money. This plan is once again free but only to those that purchased our Diamond plan. Get started!