In our content marketing strategy, we focus on telling stories about your business. The power of stories in a business can never be over-emphasized. The concept of story-telling have been around for many years because story-telling is as old as man.

But with tools like weekly or monthly newsletters, Auto-responders, podcast, webinars, cartoons, e-books, online games, mind gaps, interviews, daily posts, inforgraphics etc, you can be sure to rouse the interest of your target audience.

Eventually, when customers make a purchase decision, their loyalty already lies with you. They will purchase your product and prefer it over competitors’ options.

Our emphasis in using content marketing concept is to arouse the interest of your defined audience and sustain it through relevant and valuable information to your.

BenchMark achieves this target using different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, blog-post, Instagram, Google+ and other digital media like email, newsletter.

Basically, there are 3 major steps we take to capture your target audience and retian them;

  • Awareness content creation: Here, your target audience are made aware of your product using various schemes that seems to care about them more than the product. This is akin to scattering a seed blinding with the hope that some will take root and germinate.
  •  Consideration content creation: This is the second stage of content marketing where the audience that showed interest in your product are sieved up. A greater concentration of advert is targeted to this group with specific plan of winning them over. This is done by offering a free version of your product or service or giving a discount for a purchase.
  •  Decision content creation: This is the real reason for all the struggle and as such, the contents are narrowed down and much more direct with the intention of retaining the customer.
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