We forge bullets and aim it at your potential customers. 

Put your hands in ours and we’ll take you there in recon time. You can trust us with your time.

Why Consult?

For good targeting, you need to focus.
For better focus, you need to adjust your lenses.
For best adjustment, you need to be taught.
At BenchMark, we understand that your business is all about your customers. Getting them to know and trust you.
We've got the best of experts in the area of business management, marketing and product promotion. You can leverage on our wealth of knowledge and experience to grow your business.
You don't need to stumble where we did.
Don't wait till you invent your own light before you can see. Put your hands in ours and trust us to take you to where you really want to be.

our Team of Experts

Sam Obi

Business Consultant

A renowned business consultant, Sam Obi has been on this task of playing consultancy and business advisory role for more than 10 years and have consulted for many local and international bodies like World Bank, NEWMAP, UNDP, WAMRACK, WSSSRP, Geodimension and a host of others.

Enoch Young

Marketing Consultant

With firm hold on the internet, Enoch Young has been in the fore-front of promoting businesses using Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and leveraging on other platforms for digital business promotion. He has undertaken this task for  many small and medium businesses successfully.

Olusegun Leke

Social Media Expert

Urban and Interior Designer

Segun Leke is well braised with the social media and has for many years, strengthened online presence of many organizations using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedln and many more. He’s got enough strength in the area of photography and video editing for any task. 

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