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Branding is more than just logos and colours. It is the first impression you make on a customer and it sets their expectations. It is the core value of your business. With Branding, you are communicating the story of your business: the quality of service, company’s values, price points and many more.

At Benchmark Digital, we’ve got a whole team that is dedicated to communicating your business story effectively. This team comprises Graphic Designers, Photographers, Social Media Handle Manager and Website Developers. With this team, we are positioned to create a lasting impression on your potential customers.

What we Offer

Whatever your branding goals may be, we’ve got you covered

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Our Strategic Approach to Branding

#1 Create a Brand Strategy

Based on your Business Goals, we create SMART Strategies to help achieve those goals. This is the most important aspect of branding. We try to understand your business, carry out a SWORD analysis, identify your Unique Selling Point and capitalize on this for Branding.

#2.Design a Brand Identity

This is where we develop branding concepts that match your business idea. The most basic of this is the Logo and the colour pallet. We create multiple options based on our concept and send to you for criticism and approval which is worked on and the final project is sent to you in multiple formats.

#3. Create Collateral Designs

With your satisfaction with #1 and #2, we move on to creating follow-up or collateral designs necessary for mock-up branding. This can include your letterhead, brochure, receipts, envelops, social media covers, email templates, email signature and every other thing that revolves around your brand.

#4. Brand Documentation

This is about the most important document for your brand. It summarises everything about your brand: the logic behind the logo, colour hex, font style and size, orientation and reasons for their use. The good thing about this is that anyone can continue from where we stopped with no difficulties.

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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”